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Bad Twins Caned in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

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We have mentioned the animated series Batman Beyond in connection with a cartoon by Kevin Karstens and Bawdy Bard, and we now return to the characters in a feature film based on the series, The Return of The Joker. Set about fifty years after the first Batman was in his prime, an elderly Bruce Wayne now supervises young Terry McGinnis as the new Batman. This film is even more grim than the Batman Beyond series was, and it is therefore fortunate that we don't need to dwell on the plot, which we alluded to very briefly in Batgirl Spanked by Joker. It's enough to know that Gotham City is being plagued by a criminal gang called The Jokers, "inspired" by and even rumored to be led by the original Joker, who along with his associate Harley Quinn had disappeared decades earlier.

At the end of the story, the Dee Dee twins get bailed out of jail by their grandmother, who is most displeased by their behavior and gives them a well-deserved stroke of her cane. (By the way, since the girls have apparently been arraigned and are being held in a regular lock-up, we take that to mean they are legal adults).

jokers gang with the dee dee twins

The Jokers, featuring our canees-to-be, the Dee Dee twins.

the dee dee twins get caned by grandma

The Dee Dee twins get a taste of Grandma's cane.

the dee dee twins get caned by grandma

Twin #1 feels the stroke!

the dee dee twins get caned by grandma

Both twins try to rub the sting away!

harley quinn with mallet and evil grin

The girls refer to their grandmother as "Nana Harley", thus revealing her to be the long-disappeared Harley Quinn (seen here some forty or fifty years earlier). © Warner Home Video; characters © DC Comics Inc.

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The clip is short, only about 40 seconds.

Here is the downloadable Windows Media version. To download, right-click and then select "Save Target As".

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