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The Secretary Swatter

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fly swatter shaped like secretary

The Secretary Swatter. Not as profitable as the Ginsu knife, but swatting your secretary is a whole lot more fun than slicing sushi.

We've seen a lot of Humorama spanking cartoons in which a fly swatter figures prominently in the gag - usually something like a guy pretending to be swatting flies is really just swatting the girl's behind. It turns out that around the same time these cartoons were being printed, someone actually marketed a fly swatter shaped and imprinted like a secretary as a gag gift! It's labeled "secretary swatter" and there's no doubt that it intended to suggest it could be used to actually spank your secretary. We found this on ebay (rather overpriced) but didn't buy it.

business end of the secretary swatter

The business end, stiff enough to swat flies or your secretary's behind.

It could certainly have delivered a rather mild sting, but we suppose that relatively few offices actually had one hanging up on the wall ready for use. Astrid over at Fringe Pop, a collector of items on the fringe of popular culture who has also featured one or two old paperbacks with spankings on the cover, discovered the Secretary Swatter independently and featured it in a short YouTube video. We edited it slightly, mainly to add some humorous sub-titles, and present it now. And of course we're willing to give Astrid herself a personal demonstration of exactly how this item would have been used to help give her a better understanding of office-spanking subculture.

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