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three stooges joe about to spank connie

For once, readers will be spared a lengthy historical narrative - everyone knows who The Three Stooges are, and you either love them or hate them. But it came as something of a surprise when Robin, who had previously provided us with a substantial collection of Archie comic spankings, brought this item on YouTube to our attention. We hadn't known of any spankings in the Stooges' short films, but Rusty Romeos (1957) does have one - sort of.

The plot, like all Stooge plots, is simple enough: the boys are unknowingly dating the same girl, a three-timing gold digger (Connie Cezan). In the final scene, Moe and Larry realize what's been going on and sort of beat each other up. Then Joe arrives, carrying a kind of tack gun one of the three (we forget which) had invented in an earlier scene. He tricks their former girl friend into bending over, then shoots her in the fanny with the tack gun.

three stooges joe about to spank connie

Joe Besser and Connie Cezan. (Moe is slumped in the background, unconscious, with Larry mostly off-screen on the floor at left).

Since she stays bending over for some reason, Joe takes advantage of her position to whack her with the tack gun. Nothing like a sophisticated comedy of manners, is there?

three stooges joe about to spank connie

Rifle butt makes contact with girl butt. We wonder if Joe Besser improvised the gun butt spanking - it has the feeling of not being in the original script. Either way, it's enough to count as a technical spanking, although we spankos would have preferred an OTK triple-spanking in which Connie was taken over each of the stooges' laps in turn.

three stooges joe about to spank connie

The costumer placed the "tacks" too high for some reason. He should have had Cezan model the dress and made chalk marks over the posterior area to use as a guide for the "tack" placement. This way does leave Joe a nice, clear target for spanking, however.

Nice squealing and carrying on by Cezan - she could have done a good after-the-spanking dance had the scene been done OTK.

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We edited this clip down to under a minute. Here is the downloadable Windows Media version. To download, right-click and then select "Save Target As".

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