batgirl paddles supergirl

Posted June 2008. Supergirl and Batgirl © DC Comics Inc. Original art is © METRICPETE

We have posted a couple of other drawings of Supergirl and Batgirl in which they seem to be having a good time together. On this occasion, however, Batgirl seems genuinely miffed with Supergirl, and that can mean only one thing - a serious Bat-paddling! We like the fact that Batgirl is wielding the paddle with gusto, and that the stinging effect of the swats is duly emphasized both visually and verbally.

This is a milestone for us here at CSR - the first spanking drawing that was done especially with us in mind. Our thanks to Metric Pete, who was kind enough to draw it for us after seeing our display of an earlier work of his here .

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