batgirl whips wonder woman

Batgirl and Wonder Woman are © DC Comics Inc. Posted on 10/30/2009

We inaugurate our new series, "Batgirl Hits Bottom," with this drawing by Adam Walters in which Batgirl attempts to do just that, with Wonder Woman providing the bottom. We had thought there were no Walters spanking works we hadn't already seen until we recently discovered this one. Not exactly Walters at his best, this was probably done as a commission, and there are some rather strange things about it. For instance, Batgirl seems an odd choice to be spanking Wonder Woman, and the whip is an equally odd spanking implement for her to be using. Whips are more commonly seen in non-spanking B&D settings, and we've never cared for them anyway because they seem so cold and cruel. Perhaps more to the point, a whip is something we would more naturally associate with Catwoman than Batgirl. Also, BG's bat insignia is missing, and Walters drew ridiculously oversized boobs on both BG and WW, something he didn't normally do (see other Walters items in this gallery, for example Batgirl getting spanked).

It always seems more natural to us to have Batgirl on the receiving end of a spanking. Of course, we feel that way about all superheroines, but we recognize that with F/F situations one of them has to be the Top. Still, of the super-spanking "Big Three" (Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl), BG seems to be the least likely Top. WW has her strength and Amazonian stature, while SG has to be the most powerful female around, so we can at least conceive of them as Tops, but Batgirl? Anyway, five of the eight entries in this series will feature her on the bottom where she belongs, and we'll have still more to say on this subject as we go along, if you can believe that.

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