batgirl whips wonder woman

Batgirl and Wonder Woman are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/06/2009

"Giddeyup, horsie!" commands Batgirl in this second entry in our series, "Batgirl Hits Bottom". Not quite as weird as the preceding entry, this one is still pretty strange with Batgirl riding Wonder Woman through the mud, and we'd guess it was also commissioned from Adam Walters rather than springing out of his own imagination. Someone apparently wanted to see BDSM combined with mud-wrestling, thus showcasing the least attractive features of both. At least a riding crop is a better spanking implement than a whip, and makes sense in context. Both women's bustlines have returned to normal (by comic-book standards, that is - about a DD-cup), and Batgirl's uniform now sports the correct bat-insignia.

Once again we will remark on how odd it seems to have Batgirl spanking Wonder Woman. Shouldn't it be the other way around? WW was so obviously into BDSM and spent so much time on both ends (innumerable bondage scenes in her own mag, and 14 spankings in this gallery so far) that we can see her going either way, but Batgirl? A quiet librarian in her civilian identity of Barbara Gordon, and having chosen to become a younger, female copy of the very masculine Batman, she must have secretly desired to be dominated by him. This makes it awfully difficult to picture her dominating anyone else, even a skinny dude like the Riddler, let alone an Amazonian powerhouse like Wonder Woman! Robin, who was still in his teens when Batgirl (2nd version) first showed up, could probably have tied her up and spanked her whenever he chose! (Hm - that gives us a couple more commission ideas!)

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