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Cc's self-portrait icon

Cc's self-portrait

Next in our Young Artists series, meet Cc, who did the "Avoiding Domestic Discipline" series we posted in 2008. Cc's work is popular because it's accessible, romantic, sexy - and just so darn cute! Her personality is stamped on every drawing, which is almost exclusively M/F and largely domestic discipline-oriented. To see more of her work, here is a link to Cc's gallery at AnimeOTK.

This interview was conducted in February 2010 and copy-edited by the Web-Ed.

another self-portrait by Cc

Another self-portrait

CSR: The first thing that strikes us about your work is how intensely personal it is. Not that anyone would try to draw an impersonal spanking cartoon, but your identification with your spankees is immediately apparent, which is not necessarily true of your female peers at AOTK. The spankee obviously feels exactly what you were feeling at the moment you drew her, from a superficial defiance masking the desire to be taken in hand, to a completely submissive total obedience. Why do you think your identification with the spankees you draw is so strong?

Cc: Well, I would have to say that the reason I identify with my female spankees is because when I draw my characters, I usually am projecting myself into the spankee's position. Being a spankee myself, I mainly find the appeal in the spankee position. In drawings or pictures, I don't really get much out of it unless the spankee in question is female, because otherwise it is hard for me to put myself in the spankee position (which is where I want to be). I guess you could say that because spanking is a sexual fetish for me, I look for the sexual benefits in any scenario, and have to be able to place myself into the scenario to reap those benefits. Thus, most of my female characters relate to my fantasies in their emotions, actions, etc.

Cc gets a good hard OTK spanking

A young lady gets it good. Cc's spankees generally go "from defiance to compliance" very, very quickly!

"when I draw my characters, I usually am projecting myself into the spankee's position."

CSR: We're going to reprint your 6-step explanation of how you create a drawing, and we know you are currently studying art. Have you learned any particular techniques from your classes that you can apply to your spanking work?

Cc: Well at my university we learn to draw, but it's very realistically. I would say that yes, my figure drawing classes have helped me in general in drawing the figure better, but if you saw my school artwork you would see it is extremely different than my spanking artwork. I consider my spanking art to be "for fun" and use the anime style with it, but in my "real" art I use completely different mediums and approaches, so the two are pretty unrelated to be honest. My "real" art is in the fine art realm, while my spanking art is largely digital and like I said, recreational.

Cc illustrates her drawing procedure Cc illustrates her drawing procedure.

CSR: You finally got your very first spanking this year. We won't ask you to describe the experience, because we're sure it would make you blush, but how has the experience of actually being spanked influenced your work, if it has?

Cc: I would say that having the real experience of a spanking under my belt has helped me feel even more relatable to my characters. I deeply enjoyed the spanking experience and it only helped me feel as if I really was attuned to my fetish. Sadly I haven't had a lot of time or inspiration to produce much spanking art lately, but I think that my real life experience will only help benefit my artwork in the future.

CSR: Who or what has had the most influence on your work?

Cc: I'd probably have to say Kami Tora. I've really enjoyed his spanking artwork in the past, and feel like I relate to him on various levels, both in subject matter and mentality when producing artwork. I admire his skill at coloring and drawing, and have looked at his approach several times for depicting the female figure and have tried to apply some of his style to some of my own work.

Kami Tora cartoon of student taking a ruler to his female teacher

An apple for the teacher: because he didn't get his "A" from the teacher, a student takes the ruler to her "A".

Cc names Kami Tora as a primary influence. Kami Tora's work is very highly regarded within the spanking art community - this example shows part of the reason why. (For more about Kami Tora, see his interview with Dave on Cherry Red Report.)

CSR: It's impossible to make a living from spanking art. What will you do after graduation - work in the "vanilla" art world, take a job in industry, or what?

Cc: I hope to find a job in my field either with a firm or perhaps freelancing. I'm not fond of joining a company per se, I would much rather work on a variety of projects for a variety of clients. I don't think that I will probably ever make profits off of my spanking artwork at this point, but who knows? I plan to take some courses/study web design in the future either pre or post graduation, so I hope to maybe be able to persue web design in the future.

CSR: What direction do you want your art to move in? Where do you want to be, artistically speaking, five years from now?

Cc: I hope that five years from now I will have a tablet and be experienced with it, and that my spanking art will have greatly improved by then. I want to greatly improve my coloring techniques as well as lineart methods, and my general drawing abilities. In the other realm of art in the school related sense, I hope that I will just continue trying new mediums and mastering the old mediums better.

female teacher bends over for the ruler Even in an unfinished sketch, Cc's personality shines through. The character's facial expression conveys a gentle sweetness, while her words and posture reveal her deep submissiveness.

CSR: What is the greatest difficulty you face when you sit down to create a drawing?

Cc: Inspiration, as of late. I just haven't had a great drive to do just that--sit down and start a drawing. I don't know why but I've lacked the general desire and inspiration to sit down and draw much of anything spanking related. I blame school for the most part, it drains most of my artistic energy because of the hours I have to put into projects. But I also just haven't had a lot of ideas for individual story lines or character scenarios. A few years ago they used to just come to me all the time, and I always felt driven to draw them almost immediately. But as I said, lately, I unfortunately haven't felt the desire to do so, and it makes me sad to say it.

batman, riddler, and moth from the old tv series Superheroes do not often figure in Cc's art. Here is a rare example, based on an episode of the old Batman TV series. Batman and Riddler are © DC Comics Inc.

"[Rob M. and I] were talking about the terrible (yet oh so entertaining) 1960's Batman series with Adam West, because Rob was watching TV and it was on, when suddenly this scene happened, and he informed me about how much the dialogue sounded SO like a spanking reference."

CSR: What would you like people to know about you that they might not be able to tell by looking at your work alone?

Cc: That I'm a female artist. I think a lot of people assume I'm a male, which isn't offensive, but still is inaccurate. I think some people dislike the M/F setting and those people think that generally males are just abusing power in such settings. I like to be a female voice among the crowd who represents not only desire for such settings, but also is for female equality as well, despite my spanking pairing preferences. I think many people assume I'm the type that just bends over (literally in some cases xD) to men and think that men should always have power, even in every day situation, and that's not true at all. I'm a fierce advocate of the feisty female, and think that women have every right that men do, and should always be respected. I also think that in the right settings, dominant females definitely have their place and are sexy doing so! But for my personal preferences I enjoy the setting of a woman (and in my mind, ME) being dominated (NOT demeaned) in a sexual situation, particularly with spanking. And so, I draw what I like, frankly.

[We must interject here that only in the intellectual cesspools that are the humanities departments at most of today's universities could Cc's work be mistaken for the product of a masculine sensibility. The last time she drew a paddle, it had a cute little heart on it, for God's sake! In the politically-correct confines of academia, a sinister "patriarchy" is believed to lurk behind every corner, ready to deprive women of all rights and freedoms. Therefore, the concept of female submission even in a sexual context is frightening and unacceptable. Cc understands that sexual submission neither demeans a woman nor precludes her from social and political equality with men; unfortunately, the feminist ideology ossified within the university culture does not. End of editorial.]

young lady bends over as instructed

"Panties down - now bend over." Cc displays the deeply submissive side of her personality. Highly charged both emotionally and erotically, this is simply beautiful work. If you're a Top, and this one doesn't make you want to reach for the nearest paddle, we suggest you make an appointment with your doctor and have him check to see whether you're still breathing. Our reaction: WOW!

"Just in a really subbish mood for this one, I guess. Sometimes I have rebellious, 'gotta make me!' moments, other times I want to be told what to do, and do it...meh, anyway all my spankee girls usually reflect my spankee-mood-of-the-moments."

When you look at Avoiding Domestic Discipline, it becomes obvious that Cc's "rebellious moments" don't last very long - to repeat what we noted earlier, her spankees go "from defiance to compliance" in a hurry! Why? In our estimation, Cc's essential sweetness acts as a kind of governor, restraining any rebellious impulses from getting out of hand, until her softer side invariably comes to the fore and surrenders.

young lady bends over as instructed - part 2

Continuation of the "Panties Down, Now Bend Over" (sweet words indeed!) drawing above. This one is still in the sketch stage, but an interesting document of Cc's methods and thought processes nonetheless. The hands-on-ankles position in the top left panel is extremely appealing visually as she rendered it, with the spankee's back arched and bottom turned nicely up, but it's also very tiring to hold, leading the spankee to need a break from it in panel 2 - something to bear in mind for real-life paddlings and canings.

CSR: Thanks for agreeing to do this.

Cc: Thank you for the interview, it was my pleasure! ^_^

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