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Jenna's portrait picture

A Portrait of Jenna, the Spanking FemFatale!

Next in our Young Artists series, we welcome Jenna (also known as the Spanking FemFatale), who was first introduced in these pages when she commissioned her fellow artist Yatz to create a drawing of Wonder Woman spanking Deadshot. As might be surmised from the subject matter of that particular work, Jenna is strongly interested in both F/M spanking generally and comic-book characters in particular. She is, in fact, currently studying to become a comics artist and hopes to pursue a career in that field upon her graduation. Part of comics' appeal for her is no doubt the prevalence of women powerful enough to assume the dominant role, but it's clear her love of the medium extends beyond its fantasy female Tops and embraces all of its imaginative aspects.

Despite what we might call a "personal focus" on F/M spanking, Jenna is perfectly capable of drawing M/M, F/F, and even M/F works as well, as we'll see in several examples. In general, her female characters are attractive and slender even in the dominant role, as opposed to, say, the powerfully-built women of R. Crumb. Morality plays a strong but understated role in her work, with the spankee receiving his just desserts in most cases. This may in fact explain the variety of orientations she has drawn, where "good spanks evil" is a more important consideration than any particular orientation (e.g., F/M). Another characteristic of her non-commissioned comics work is the often unusual pairings, giving us spankers and spankees rarely if ever seen elsewhere.

This interview was conducted in March 2010 and copy-edited by the Web-Ed.

Here are some links where you can find out more about Jenna, her artwork, and her fiction.
Jenna's Gallery at AnimeOTK. Jenna's Live Journal. Jenna's Fan Fiction. Jenna's MySpace Page.

CSR: Most women in the spanking scene are Bottoms. Based on the amount of F/M scenes in your work, we’d guess you were a Top or a Switch. What do you consider your spanking orientation to be?

Jenna: I'm definitely a Top! But, I can play bottom if I play act a male I want to see spanked... yes, I'm odd, but I really do prefer spanking male bottoms (although, I'm not averse to spanking the fairer sex *evil grin*).

CSR: How active are you in real-life spanking, and what effect on your work does this have?

Jenna: I've had a few spanking partners, and I attended my first spanking party last June. I think that being a spanker in real life has let me be able to imagine poses in a more realistic view as to how a body lays over a lap (different angles etc).


Rikimaru getting spanked by Ayame!

"I think of the characters' faces most and what's going on in their heads (as I do with my writing). I feed more off the angst than anything."

CSR: What tools, techniques, and procedures do you follow when drawing?

Jenna: Hmm... um getting really horny? LOL! Seriously, I approach it like I do any other artwork, I want it to feel unique and expressive. I think of the characters faces most and what's going on in their heads (as I do with my writing). I feed more off the angst than anything.

CSR: With some artists, it’s easy to see where their sympathies lie in a spanking drawing, but with you, it’s more difficult. In your F/M work, we assume you identify with the female spanker. What about your F/F work, like the one of Poison Ivy spanking Harley Quinn – do you identify more with spanker or spankee?

Jenna: I don't see sex as much as I do personality. Who deserves to be topped. (You'll notice most of my personal choices that are not commissions have villains getting spanked by heroes or ones that can at least put them in check in some manner. I do so love my canon. :P) As for F/f I am bisexual, but most of my fantasies with women center around strapon sex over spanking them. With Ivy and Harley, I imagine Ivy just getting fed up, and Harley seemingly inviting herself to abuse... well it just 'fits' in my world as canon. As to whom I identify with? I identify with both the spanker and spankee. I've been on both sides of the spectrum, and I think any good top has to understand what it is to be a bottom before they can ever truly be a top.

jenna's harley spanked by ivy jenna's harley spanked by ivy color version

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, in Jenna's original version and the one later colored by Stone Knight. This was her first (2008) F/F pairing, and was done from memory without any character reference pictures. Like Arkham-Insanity, Jenna considers comics an important influence. Characters © DC Comics Inc.

"Harley's antics have pushed Ivy too far, and she's decided since Harley can't seem to listen, maybe a little tough love is in order!"

CSR: We’re big fans of superhero spanking at CSR, and obviously, comics were an important influence on you when you were growing up. How do you feel about combining spanking with superheroes?

Jenna: I live, eat, and breath comics! XD I actually started school last Feb. to become a comic artist. Comics lend to fantastic situations and imagination... it also is a world where there are a lot of very powerful women *eyebrow wiggle* Mmm... yes. I love my canon... *evil grin*

CSR: It’s clear that you want to try something different in your work, and you occasionally employ unusual perspectives such as in the one with Cap spanking Agent 13. What would you say you have gained by doing this?

Jenna: I love to change perspective, and as a learning artist, some of the angles I've done haven't worked out for the best, but I think the viewer appreciates different angles in their spanking art over the same flat scene. It's still a turn on, but as with most things, the same old same old gets tired and boring to look at.

captain america spanks agent 13

"I think the viewer appreciates different angles in their spanking art over the same flat scene."

Captain America spanks Agent 13 (of S.H.I.E.L.D.). Note the unusual overhead viewing angle, and also the fact that even though the OTK position is used, it's the variant in which the spankee is locked in place with the leg. So, what's S.H.I.E.L.D., you ask? It was (is) a semi-secret government organization which spent a lot of time fighting secret societies of evil like HYDRA and AIM. Spy stuff was big in 60's popular culture, and both good and evil secret organizations had silly names like SPECTRE (James Bond), U.N.C.L.E. (Man From U.N.C.L.E.), CONTROL (Get Smart) etc. At the time, Nick Fury and his S.H.I.E.L.D. agents made frequent guest appearances in Marvel titles like Captain America and Iron Man. Characters © Marvel Comics Inc.

CSR: Something else unusual about your drawings are the spanking positions used. Only rarely do you compose the picture with the standard over-the-knee position; frequently, the spanker seems to have the spankee in a quasi-wrestling hold, pinned by powerful legs. We’d guess this is a product of your own physicality, particularly your interest in wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. How do you feel about different spanking positions, in life and art?

Jenna: As said above, I like to switch it up to breath life into a drawing, but let it not be mistaken that I also do like the regular OTK as well smiley wink. As for the pinning/wrestling, I believe that does bleed from giving real spankings; feet like to kick and get in the way, and I like to take that control away. *evil grin* As for my own physicality, I do like to wrestle and pit my strength by sparring and pinning. There is something quite hot about being able to seriously pin your spankee versus just 'pretending' to do so smiley.

she-hulk spanking iron man “Jennifer is tired of Tony's disrespect, and when he hits on Sue Storm in front of Reed Richards, She-Hulk is furious. She knows Richards is too nice to say anything, so she decides it's time to teach Tony Stark a little manners *evil grin* (One of many reasons for Tony to get a whipping! LOL!). My friend Stoney finished the color works on my Iron Man! *jumps up and down!* God, he rocks! =D”
She-Hulk (Jennifer) spanks Iron Man (Tony). This will teach him not to hit on a married woman, or at least not to design a suit of armor with such an easily-removed butt-plate! Jenna draws a more slender She-Hulk than is usually seen, who nonetheless firmly pins Tony in spanking position with a leg lock. Characters © Marvel Comics Inc.

CSR: What is the greatest difficulty you face when you sit down to create a drawing?

Jenna: Lately, coming up with a unique pose for spanking I haven't drawn :P Any suggestions? smiley wink

CSR: That's tough, because it seems like there are only so many. We like all the bent-over variations, which work so well with either the paddle or the cane. Since you like pinning the spankee and holding him/her helpless, you might try a spanking bench of your own design, perhaps with added restraints. Although we're not into bondage for its own sake, the idea of having the spankee bent over the bench, restrained and helpless while we retrieve a paddle or cane, does have a great appeal for us, and we've got a sneaking suspicion you might feel the same way!

madame mask spanks the hood

"I think this is one of my best pieces! I love my comics, and the Hood always seemed to be carrying a lot of guilt around with him. He definitely needs a 'release' LOL! For his own good, of course." smiley wink

Yet another unusual superhero pairing with Madame Mask pinning The Hood and spanking him with a belt. Vivid colors and the flowing cape contribute to the atmosphere. Characters © Marvel Comics Inc.

CSR: What direction do you want your art to move in? Where do you want to be, artistically speaking, five years from now?

Jenna: I want to get progressively better, I want to do it for a living, and one day I will =D (5 years from now maybe? *giggle*)

ms. marvel spanks dr. strange with a hairbrush

"There is something quite hot about being able to seriously pin your spankee versus just 'pretending' to do so."

Once again, we see a spankee locked into position as Ms. Marvel takes the hairbrush to Dr. Strange after pinning him with a powerful leg. We admire this drawing, but can't help picturing the tables turned and Ms. Marvel holding her ankles while Dr. Strange applies a paddle with occult markings! © Marvel Comics Inc.

CSR: What would you like people to know about you that they might not be able to tell by looking at your work?

Jenna: About me? Oh gosh hmm.... I enjoy writing as much as I do drawing? You already know I'm a huge comic geek by now, so it should be no surprise that I've combined both by making a storyboard for a spanking comic based off of the comic Thor. It's a F/m spanking, and I hope to do in full detail after I graduate from the Kubert school [The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art - Web-Ed]. By then, the 3 months I put into writing/storyboarding will hopefully give me new angles on paneling and creating the atmosphere I imagined when creating it.

If you are interested in checking out the storyboard, here is a link to it in my Live Journal. Other than that? Have a spanktastic day! LOL! XD Jenna smiley wink

sif spanks loki in jenna's layout

"You'll notice most of my personal choices that are not commissions have villains getting spanked by heroes or ones that can at least put them in check in some manner."

An excerpt from Jenna's storyboard for her Thor spanking comic. "The time for talking is done!" says Sif as she takes the belt to Loki, God of Mischief and one of Marvel's premiere villains. Characters © Marvel Comics Inc.

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