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Invisible Woman and Wasp Spanked by Reed Richards

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It's natural enough that Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) should spank his wife Sue (Invisible Girl), but we're not sure why he's spanking The Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) as well, although we're not exactly complaining about it. Richards, with his Plastic-Man-type power, can stretch and expand his hand into a kind of improvised paddle as we see here. This is the first drawing (with more to come) we have seen by a young artist named Bisontom. He does a good job with the "bending over a table facing toward the camera" position, indicating nice ample posteriors on the spankees. We think from some of his other drawings he means to suggest a relationship between the two of them, and perhaps Reed doesn't like it.

reed richards spanks sue storm and wasp

Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) expands his hand to paddle the bent-over bottoms of both his wife Sue (Invisible Girl/Woman) and the Wasp. Art by Bisontom; click to increase in size. Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/09/2014.

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