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Kryptonite Paddles Sure Hurt

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lex luthor spanks supergirl

© DC Comics Inc. Click to increase in size.

The 2nd in this series features the villianous Lex Luthor applying a kryptonite paddle to poor Supergirl! Adam Walters (a/k/a "Tebra") favors the OTK position in his drawings, but usually with the hand being used. A paddle of the length shown here used OTK causes alignment problems (see our Paddling article for details). The cure? Either use something shorter with the OTK position (hand, hairbrush, or short paddle), or employ one of the bending-over positions. But misalignment or not, we like this one a whole lot!

Invidia at The Collar Purple did a very similar piece (with a shorter paddle). This might be the time to mention Super-Hero Spanking Month, which took place in June 2005, and featured a large number of (you guessed it) super-hero spankings!

lex luthor spanks supergirl as modified by pablo

This is one bare-bottom spanking that really smarts! Art by Adam Walters as modified by Pablo. © DC Comics Inc. Click to increase in size.

09/10/2014 Update: Pablo sent us these two altered versions. He strongly favors OTK hand spanking so he bared Supergirl's bottom and exchanged Luthor's kryptonite paddle for a kryptonite glove. He re-shaped Supergirl's bottom as well as baring it and somewhat intensified her expression, producing definite improvements over Walters' original. Other changes are having Supergirl's left arm thrust forward into view and the re-coloring of her skirt from blue (the old color) to red (the newer color). We think this may be the best of Pablo's alterations so far (especially the 2nd version with the stinging effect lines), and we'll be seeing a few more in the coming months.

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