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On the CSR Forum recently, JimC and Phil (a/k/a Overbarrel) brought up the subject of the artist Invidia, who used to have a blog called The Collar Purple. While we remembered it well, we had only saved a few examples of Invidia's spanking art, which sometimes involved super-heroes. (Two we posted last year are Batman Spanks Harley Quinn and Batman Spanks Catwoman with Bat-Paddle). In fact, Invidia declared June 2005 to be "Superhero Spanking Month". It seems only fitting, then, that we kick off Super-Spanking Summer here at CSR six years later in June 2011 with a retrospective look at Invidia's super-hero work.

The only obstacle we faced was that we didn't have much of the art in our files. That's when Phil, who had saved it all, offered to help out by sending it to us. A tip of the cap to him for his invaluable assistance with this project.

the hulk carries off a recently-spanked girl

The Hulk is © Marvel Comics Inc.

The Hulk easily carries a girl over his shoulder who, strangely, appears to have been recently caned. It's hard to picture The Hulk spanking with anything other than his bare hand.

zorro beckons a bad girl to go over his knee

Zorro beckons a misbehaving young lady to turn over his knee. Good pouty expression on the spankee-to-be here, who seems to be saying "Do I have to?" It captures that critical moment in a spanking when the woman realizes there's no way out and she's really going to be receiving stinging whacks on her bottom. Looks like she's wearing an authentic period dress if we're not mistaken, the red color of which may be symbolic.

harley quinn shows poison ivy her red bottom

Characters © DC Comics Inc.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy exchange Bat-Spanking stories in these next two examples. First, Harley shows Ivy her red bottom.

poison ivy shows harley quinn her red bottom

Characters © DC Comics Inc.

Then it's Ivy's turn to reveal to Harley what Batman did to her bottom.

poison ivy spanked by batman

Characters © DC Comics Inc.

And here's how it got that way!

batgirl whipped by the joker

Characters © DC Comics Inc.

Batgirl goes up against the Joker again, with the same result as always: a sore bottom! We'd prefer a different implement used in either the OTK or bending-over position, but the expressions are good.

wonder woman tied to a post with her own lasso

Characters © DC Comics Inc.

Wonder Woman has too long a history with bondage to go into here, but it's about to get longer as some villain has tied her with her own magic lasso, and even gone so far as to lower her bustier (what a cad)! For some reason, seeing WW like this makes us want to spank her...

superman spanks wonder woman

Characters © DC Comics Inc.

And speaking of spanking Wonder Woman, here comes just the guy to do it - Superman!

lex luthor spanks supergirl with a kryptonite paddle

Characters © DC Comics Inc.

Supergirl gets turned over Lex Luthor's knee and will soon feel the sting of a kryptonite paddle! Good OTK positioning, and unlike many artists who have drawn kryptonite paddles, Invidia realized that the length must be kept down if it was to be used OTK.

Invidia once created her own superhero character, Superguy. To wind things up, let's take a look at a Superguy strip in which a Lois Lane-like character named "Bobbie" gets the spanking she deserves (and which Lois should have gotten from Superman).

superguy panel 1 by invidia superguy panel 2 by invidia
superguy panel 3 by invidia superguy panel 4 by invidia
superguy panel 5 by invidia superguy panel 6 by invidia

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