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Meteor Man Spanks Gravity Girl

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The Galaxy Trio is more than a little obscure today. Indeed, only a technicality allows us to consider them as comic-book superheroes since they started out in animation with a few comics produced later. The year was 1967; Hanna-Barbera was riding high with God-knows-how-many animated shows on Saturday morning, and one of them was called Birdman (itself perhaps remembered today mainly for the silly Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law that aired on Adult Swim).

Now Hanna-Barbera was nothing if not formulaic, and there seemed to be a conviction there that a strong lead in a half-hour program should be broken up by a second feature shown in between episodes of the lead. (These were 7 or 8 minute episodes so there would be two episodes of the lead feature with on episode of the secondary to make up a half-hour show). For example, Space Ghost had Dino Boy as a secondary feature, and Birdman had The Galaxy Trio. As Birdman was kind of boring, The Galaxy Trio might well have been the more interesting of the two. Certainly with two males and a female it held more spanking possibilities laughing face!

birdman and the galaxy trio meteor man gravity girl vapor man character designs

Birdman and the Galaxy Trio. Character designs by Alex Toth. Characters are © Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.

One of the most independent of independent spanking artists is El Manto Negro, long a fixture in this gallery and at AOTK. He draws what he wants and does not accept commissions despite the high demand for his work. Too young to remember The Galaxy Trio from 1967, he says that he fell asleep in front of the TV one night in 2014 and when he awoke at 3:00 A.M. the show was on and he decided to draw a spanking picture involving the team. We'd guess he chose Meteor Man over Vapor Man as the spanker because of his power to enlarge any part of his body, an ability which in today's world would immediately suggest pornographic possibilities but in 1967 (and to spankos today) suggests something more innocent, namely a big spanking hand! big grin

meteor man spanks gravity girl art by el manto negro

Meteor Man gives Gravity Girl a big hand - but not the kind she wanted - while the vaporous Vapor Man drifts by. Art by El Manto Negro. Characters are © Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/01/2016.

The OTK position here is heavily modified as it must always be when a chair or something else for the spanker to sit upon is not part of the composition, but EMN has managed to get Gravity Girl across both of Meteor Man's thighs into a workable position. Oddly, the wrong hand is being used although with a hand that big it probably doesn't matter (Gravity Girl is certainly worried). Vapor Man wanted GG's bottom to be bared, and we can sympathize, but if that's what he wanted he should have given the spanking himself. Besides, a costume like Gravity Girl's based on tights isn't going to come off too quickly or easily. The line delineating Gravity Girl's buttocks is a little shorter than it usually is in EMN's drawings, but his customary vivid coloring is on display, and this remains the only known depiction of Gravity Girl getting spanked - a worthy undertaking and well done!

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