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Daisy Mae Bent Over a Trestle

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Larry Malone is a young artist who appeared most recently in CSR with Robin Spanks Catwoman last year. He returns now, we believe as colorist only, with this nice drawing of Daisy Mae bent over a trestle. No other character is in sight so we can only conjecture that the spanker is Li'l Abner. The symmetric red areas suggest that a wooden paddle was the implement used.

daisy mae bent over a trestle having gotten paddled on her bare bottom colored by larry malone

Original artist unknown; colorized by Larry Malone. Daisy Mae is © by Capp Enterprises, Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/12/2018 (click to double-size).

Trestles and sawhorses are in general not ideal as spanking benches because they allow the spankee's feet to move so far back that there isn't enough bending at the waist to suit us. But Daisy is bent at almost 90 degrees here (the maximum angle we find acceptable) and the overall presentation of the derriere is quite appealing. Good coloring by Malone, whom we maintain has some real talent that we hope gets properly developed.

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