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Poison Ivy Paddles Harley Quinn to Initiate Her

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Arkham Asylum is where the criminally insane of Gotham City are confined lest they harm themselves or others. The Joker is probably its most famous resident. While he and fellow Batman villain Two-Face undoubtedly belong there, we always thought it was something of a cop-out for Harley Quinn, despite her unhealthy and abusive relationship with The Joker, or Poison Ivy, Harley's sometime partner in crime, to be treated as if they were insane. These two are fully able to comprehend that their actions are wrong and should be sentenced to a conventional women's penitentiary. Penology aside, the point of interest here is that there is apparently some sort of sorority for Arkham's female inmates, and Ivy would certainly never miss a chance to take the paddle to Harley!

poison ivy spanks harley quinn

Ivy applies the heat to Harley's heinie while Batgirl bends over to await her turn - oh boy! Art by Mr-G-Modder. Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/05/2015 (click to increase in size).

This is Mr-G-Modder's first appearance in this gallery. He seems to have been very busy lately fulfilling kinky requests, mostly bondage but some spanking. Harley's bending-over position is excellent here, with her head up and back arched to receive the swats on the tightly-stretched seat of her costume (interestingly, her headgear has been removed). A spreader bar forces enough hip abduction to keep Harley from clenching (we normally just direct the spankee to take a wide stance, and the use of the bar is unusual, but certainly effective). The cameral angle is most unusual, not in being behind the spankees but in being above the spanker's eye level. Ivy's grip appears a little strange, but we don't want to nitpick.

Why Batgirl is here is something of a mystery. She might be "investigating a case," although our suspicion is that she found out it was paddling night at Arkham and couldn't resist the opportunity to bend over for swats from Ivy!

Mr-G-Modder actually took the time to do a whole series based on this situation, with Batgirl and Catwoman getting swats from Ivy and Harley getting some revenge on Ivy, but we have selected this entry as the single best of the series.

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