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Power Girl Spanks Terra

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More from El Manto Negro whose work has graced this gallery for several years now. This time it's Power Girl spanking Terra, and while we've discussed P.G. in the past, this is Terra's first appearance. Who is she? The first Terra was a traitorous member of the New Teen Titans whose perfidy was uncovered by Robin (Dick Grayson). This appears to be a later Terra - blast these modern comics and their endless alternate versions of every character! - they're really impossible to keep track of, but we suppose that fanboys enjoy trying. Anyway, this later version of Terra started to pal around with Power Girl, so perhaps this is a sort of "tough love" spanking between girlfriends.

El Manto Negro continues to do fine work, and he renders these characters well with excellent coloring although we would have preferred to see him employ the traditional OTK position here.

power girl spanks terra

Art by El Manto Negro. Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/07/2013.

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