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Trigon Spanks Raven

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trigon spanks his daughter raven

Trigon spanks Raven, by TeenTitansFan2. Characters are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/24/2016 (click to double-size).

Spankings involving the Teen Titans are of two kinds: the first has the Titan and the other participant both the same age, the second usually has an older character spanking the Titan. This one is of the second kind, and paternal to boot as Raven gets turned over her father Trigon's knee. Trigon is a sort of demon who mated with a cultist named Arella, producing Raven as their offspring. His history with Raven and the Titans is long and confusing, so fortunately we don't need to get into it all. Why he's spanking Raven here we can't say, but even though he's a bad guy he's probably got a good reason. Trigon first appeared back in New Teen Titans #2 (February 1981).

Our artist on this occasion is the well-named TeenTitansFan2 (Maria Fuentes). She is a student in Argentina and apart from obviously being a fan of the Teen Titans, she has drawn a number of spanking works, so this one must have come pretty naturally to her. Her style varies quite a bit from piece to piece, here being a little more abstract than typical superhero comic-book art which is usually fairly realistic to convey all the physical action.

Here are Trigon and Raven, from an unknown issue of The New Teen Titans.

trigon and raven from the new teen titans

© DC Comics Inc.

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