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Fourth in our Young Artists series, SP Anka has presented us with some unique challenges. Several things, notably having children administer spankings, and the frequent spanking of apparently innocent victims, set her work apart, and the comparative lack of biographical information about her contributed to the difficulty of formulating good interview questions. At first, seeing all the bare-bosomed females getting spanked by young males, we thought SP Anka might be a young male herself, until we found enough internal evidence in her drawings to convince us that she was, indeed, a she. And trying to establish her spanking sympathies and artistic goals prior to the interview proved no easier. For instance, we couldn't be sure whether SP Anka identified more with her spankers or spankees. The artist's evident pleasure in the spankees' humiliation suggested that she identified with the Tops - but they were always male. And if she saw herself in the submissive role, what could explain such an intense yearning to experience public humiliation?

We think everyone will agree that this interview reveals some interesting things. Alone among the artists in this series, SP Anka is not at all involved with spanking in her personal life, which she is far more reluctant to discuss than the others. She did explain some of the more controversial aspects of her art as intended to further humorous role-reversals with the spankee receiving no more than her just desserts. But even with her answers to our longer-than-usual questions, we felt more discussion was warranted, so we wrote a post-interview essay in which we delved further into these issues at our customary length. For the curious, there is another link to the essay at the bottom of this page.

This interview was conducted in March 2010 and copy-edited by the Web-Ed.

You can find more of SP Anka's work at

SP Anka's Gallery at AnimeOTK. SP Anka's Gallery at DeviantArt.

CSR: How active are you in real-life spanking, and what effect on your work does this have?

SP Anka: None whatsoever. Spanking is just a part of my overactive fantasy, even a relatively small part for that matter. But it gives me the opportunity to express things that would otherwise stay hidden, explore and visualise some deeper fantasies and questions. The opportunity or need to express this in my real life hasn’t arisen as of yet. Might never happen. Might happen tomorrow. I honestly can’t tell. I experimented in my teens, like all young persons do, also with spanking. But I’d like to keep those stories to myself. They may (or may already have) seep through in my work.

babysitter spanked by kid
babysitter spanked by kid's father

CSR: What tools, techniques, and procedures do you follow when drawing?

SP Anka: Pencil on paper. Scan it. Tool with Photoshop and add some flavour. I like to experiment with different styles, backgrounds and colouring. I’ve learned a lot doing these pieces that I use for other work. If only they knew!

boy spanks his big sister

Big sister loses a bet, and must pay the penalty! Some typical SP Anka characteristics on display here are (1) the strong (older) punished by the weak (younger); (2) spankee's expression of distress (understated here); (3) generous, bare bosom and behind. We will have more to say about these later.

"And of course, it's all about reversing the roles as you suggested. The nasty big sister getting hers from the little brother or sister."

CSR: What is the greatest difficulty you face when you sit down to create a drawing?

SP Anka: My mind buzzes with ideas the entire day with things you witness and start redrawing in your head or situations one thinks of, but once you actually sit down behind an empty piece of paper, pencil in hand, it sometimes goes all black. Sometimes I don’t draw spanking situations for weeks and then several in one day. Weird. Especially at the turn of the seasons my mind goes into overdrive. Apart from that: the feeling that everything has been done before. I try to come up with unique situations and stories, which sometimes do take a twisted turn. It’s all subconscious, I guess. I might do a classic spanking piece one day (for the puritans out there) but I find myself bored really quick when drawing those. I must confess I have piles of unused sketches depicting these classic pairings and situations and I never can convince myself to colorize or finish them because other things pop to mind. And also because I find my style has improved and these early sketches are… plain bad actually. But anything might happen. My latest ‘Daydream’ series is more conventional. And something I almost forgot: TIME! Days, weeks, months… they fly by so fast. It’s really amazing.

another babysitter spanked by kid

Babysitters repeatedly take it on the chin (so to speak). Supposed figures of authority, they are spanked and humiliated by their own charges! SP  Anka clearly sees this as a measure of justice.

CSR: Of the artists profiled in this series so far (the others are Cc, Arkham-Insanity, and Spanking FemFatale [Jenna]), your work has proven to be the most difficult for us to analyze and interpret, so we’d like to get into its more unusual characteristics. Let’s start with embarrassment and humiliation, which are normal aspects of spanking – Tops enjoy inflicting it, and at least to a certain extent, Subs enjoy experiencing it. In your work, the humiliation is often increased either by having witnesses observe the spanking, or by having someone who would normally have less stature than the spankee serving as the spanker (for example a younger brother), or both. Why is this increased level of humiliation important to you? Do you wish to experience it yourself, and if so, why?

SP Anka: That’s probably a darker part of my character, I haven’t really put much thought into that. I admit some of my drawings are kind of mean, but they’re drawings. Fantasy. Other spanking artists mostly depict classic scenes, normal pairings. As I said before, I try to add something new which sometimes results in unexpected situations. And I consider embarrassment a big part of spanking. That’s why spectators work so well. Also, I like to pair [that] with the underdog, give the one you’d expect to be the dominant one a nasty surprise. The weaker ones beating the physically stronger ones with their wits alone. If others can witness this… all the better. Now there is some justice in that. As for myself getting this treatment… no thanks. If I should be deserving, but I consider myself to be a nice person deep down beneath.

CSR: Domestic discipline (DD) scenarios are often depicted in spanking art. One aspect of DD fantasies is that the punishment is deserved, for example where the young man spanks his girlfriend for her reckless behavior, or as in some of the old Superman and Phantom spankings where a haughty female gets her just desserts. Another unusual aspect of your work is that often the punishment is not deserved, and is in fact quite unfair. An example of this is the one you did with the principal assigning a student to spank the teacher in front of the class, even though her students are to blame for their own bad behavior. Your comment on this one was, “I like the brooding agony in this drawing, and the desperate look on her face.” We would certainly agree that you conveyed the teacher’s agony and desperation with great vividness and skill, and admit it does have a certain appeal even as we express some reservations at the injustice of the situation. Could you describe more precisely what it is about this situation that appeals so much to you?

teacher must bare her behind and bend over the desk for the belt wielded by a student

"I like the brooding agony in this drawing, and the desperate look on her face."

We must admit that, as we imagine would be true of most Tops, we would like to take the student's place and have this young teacher bent over the desk, bottom bared, and at our mercy as we take hold of a belt (or preferably, paddle). That is a testament to the skill with which this cartoon is rendered. But a critical question arises: is her punishment justified?

SP Anka: Again some darkness in my soul? I really can’t tell. Maybe that’s the way I see the world a little bit? The unjust always getting what they want, mostly at the expense of others and the good people getting… well: spanked by the bad people for letting them get run over by others. It’s a thin line. Play the Eurythmics song “Sweet Dreams”. It explains things. I think a lot of persons will recognize this view. Sometimes, the ones being tormented actually don’t mind it as much as they’d like to admit. Some of the spankees in my drawings often crank a little smile… depends on the story.

SP Anka cc after her birthday spanking

Although totally dissimilar as artists, SP Anka and Cc do follow each other's work. This is an affectionate portrait of Cc that SP Anka did in 2008.

"Here's a birthday spanking (well deserved I might add)" smiley icon

CSR: Another element of your work that comes to mind is the spanking of young women by even younger boys, like the one with the 10-year-old spanking his older sister or the ones where the babysitters get spanked by their charges. This is unusual enough to have generated some commentary. Our own observation was, “Like SP Anka's other work, this one is interesting but just a little disturbing,” while your fellow artist Cc wrote, “Children doing the spanking is kind of bizarre, to me. Why doesn't the boyfriend ever do it?” So now we ask, is this just to gain the extra humiliation of having the normal roles reversed, with the less-powerful spanking the more-powerful as we suggested above, or is there something more going on here?

SP Anka: I personally think spanking young children or drawing those situations is worse than having children spanking grown ups. Because that's humorous. If you see a child getting beaten by someone older, that's just sad. It makes you angry, at least it does to me. People seem to be okay with drawings like those. Seeing an older person getting beaten by a weaker person, that adds a touch of comedy to the situation. Do you feel sorry for the person? Or do you laugh? It creates a bizarre situation that makes you stop and reflect for a bit, be it a nanosecond, what I try to add to my work. And of course, it's all about reversing the roles as you suggested. The nasty big sister getting hers from the little brother or sister. Humiliating and hilarious at the same time. Personally I wouldn't know if I should be embarrassed or just laugh out loudly in a situation such as this.

rascals spank brother's girlfriend

"Seeing an older person getting beaten by a weaker person, that adds a touch of comedy to the situation. Do you feel sorry for the person? Or do you laugh?"

We think SP Anka was more successful here at conveying the humor of the situation than in some of her other drawings. A sexy girl duped into taking a not-too-severe spanking at the hands of two kids looking to have some fun provides the ideal setup for a funny line: "Stop spanking my girlfriend, you rascals!!!"

CSR: Visually, your spankees have exceptionally full round busts and behinds which, we think, adds to the eroticism of the drawings. Many spanking artists, both male and female, favor a round bottom, probably due to its greater spankability, but you’re virtually alone among female artists in depicting a generous bare bosom as well. In one case, the spanker was actually groping the spankee’s breast. What explains your predilection for well-endowed spankees?

SP Anka: Let’s just say a big influence of mine was the amazing Eve, who suddenly fell off the virtual landscape. One of my first encounters with the online spanking art community. It actually convinced me to start drawing the same kind of wicked scenarios he or she came up with every time. Before this I didn’t post this kind of pictures online, as I considered them inappropriate. Some even ended up in the garbage can. As a reference to the former questions, a lot of times Eve’s spankees didn’t quite deserve what was coming to them as well. I had no idea if Eve was male or female. Still don’t, actually. The same goes for the more vintage Rebecca. Hard to tell. I’ll just add that you don’t necessarily have to be a man to enjoy a nice bosom. Next.

Pirate Queen gets spanked, by Eve Tina gets spanked by her boss for making bad coffee
"A big influence of mine was the amazing Eve... a lot of times Eve's spankees didn't quite deserve what was coming to them as well."

A comparison of one of Eve's cartoons to one of SP Anka's does reveal an influence on composition and feeling: positioned over a barrel (which is where that phrase comes from) vs. over a desk; a full, round behind; sincere suffering expressed on the spankee's face from the pain and humiliation. And yet there is a decided difference, for Eve's Charlotte the Pirate Queen deserves her punishment, while SP Anka's Tina the Secretary does not. (See the essay on Page 2 for more about this).

CSR: As a continuation of the last question, the visual design of your spankees, combined with the way you seem to relish their predicament, is something we would more likely expect of a male artist. So where do your sympathies lie? Do you tend to identify more with the spanker or the spankee?

SP Anka: See, you keep fishing for my gender! Depends. Sometimes spanker, sometimes spankee. Sometimes both, sometimes none. I’ve got a new series coming up with spanking fantasies, some of these my very own. So keep an eye out for those if you’d like to find out a bit more.

doctor octopus spanks mary jane SP Anka has only done a little superhero work. This is a humorous Spider-Man piece, in which Doctor Octopus makes good use of his extra arms. The big spanking hand is certainly worth a chuckle by itself. [Yes, we know that Doc Ock only had four mechanical arms in the comic books, not eight, but we won't quibble because more arms mean more spanking]. Characters © Marvel Comics Inc.

CSR: What direction do you want your art to move in? Where do you want to be, artistically speaking, five years from now?

SP Anka: These drawings I’m posting are nothing more than a hobby to me. I draw in my spare time, I work and do other things when I’m not drawing. I’m surprised at the reactions I’m getting from some people, be it good or bad. If a simple drawing can generate such feelings it means I must be hitting some nerves here and there. Which is good I guess, that’s what an artist does. One example that comes to mind is the one where a real estate agent gets spanked for turning up late and wasting good people’s time. I actually experienced that same situation myself where the agent kept me waiting for way too long and thought it would be funny to incorporate that into a drawing. Never knew people would actually be upset with that. I have no plans for the moment artistically but one never knows… Maybe if someone made me a decent offer to illustrate a book or create a comic book. Anything can happen… or nothing at all. Maybe I’ll just fall off the virtual landscape myself some day.

real estate agent spanked with umbrella for keeping clients waiting

The real estate agent gets spanked for keeping people waiting. The contrasting expressions of dismay and approval from the middle-aged couple ("Oh, my!") and the boy ("Cool!") contribute to the humor of the situation, and this spanking would certainly seem justified. Yet not long afterwards, SP Anka produced another drawing with the shoe on the other foot:

"I actually experienced that same situation myself where the agent kept me waiting for way too long and thought it would be funny to incorporate that into a drawing."
real estate agent spanks seller for absenteeism

Though perhaps less humorous than the one preceding, the boy wanting to see the fun is a nice touch, and this spanking too seems well-earned.

CSR: What would you like people to know about you that they might not be able to tell just by looking at your work?

SP Anka: I’m a nice person. No, really, I am.smiley icon

CSR: We believe that you're a nice person! And thanks for doing the interview.

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