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Last time we mentioned that the spanking pairing of Spider-Man/Black Cat was a logical one, and we have an equally-logical lineup this time, although there are two spankees and the scene is F/F. Spider-Woman spanks Spider-Girl (far right) and another girl, who could be Spider-Girl 2 in an unfamiliar uniform - we're not sure even though we checked the Marvel data base because Marvel has really goosed the hell out this property (Spider-Man), and there are so many alternate-reality versions of these characters and spin-offs that no one could keep them all straight. Whoever that girl in the red and white costume is [we later learned she was indeed an alternate universe version of Spider-Woman], her spanked bottom now matches the color of Spider-Girl's and that of her own uniform.

When we first posted this we weren't sure where it came from, but we thought it was the then-defunct AnimeOTK. Captain Falcon was good enough to write and confirm this and also identify the artist as LoloASD. His composition makes good use of these characters' ability to climb walls, while the OTK positioning is as good as you can get while doing so.

spider-woman spanks spider-girl

Art by LoloASD; characters are © Marvel Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/21/2012.

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