superman spanks supergirl

The Holy Grail of comic-book superhero spankings is undoubtedly one where Superman spanks his cousin Supergirl. Why? Well for one thing, despite persistent rumors of its existence, and having seen a huge number of DC comics over the years, we have never been able to find it anywhere. This gives it the lure of the unattainable. For another, there was something about Supergirl that made every spanko-boy who read comics during the 60's or 70's think about giving it to her (or getting it from her, depending on his persuasion -- we of course fell into the former category).

We promise to keep on looking for this elusive item, which if it exists probably dates from the early 60's. Until then, here's a drawing by Dave Wolfe to warm the heart (and Supergirl's bottom). We like the vigor that Wolfe manages to convey in this spanking, and the fact that he chose to use Supergirl's costume from the 60's.

04/15/2011 Update: Four years after we posted this page in March 2007, we finally began a concerted Search for The Holy Grail! Check it out to see our progress.

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