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Supergirl Spanks Supergirl!

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Normally we don't like to see self-spanking, but Eric Nelson did these two versions of a different kind of self-spanking, where there are actually two identical bodies! The Silver Age Supergirl is punishing the modern-era Supergirl for forgetting her panties - surely a spankable offense! We can't explain it scientifically, but it looks a whole lot better than the epidemic of self-spanking currently polluting the amateur spanking video world. This was a commission for kclcmdr.

Nelson, like Yatz, often favors the bodybuilder type physique, but in this case Supergirl's muscularity is carefully understated. Nelson is not a spanko as far as we know, but he sure did a fine job with the OTK positioning here! There's also some light bondage as Supergirl's wrists are bound with her own cape.

supergirl spanks supergirl by eric nelson

Art by Eric Nelson. Supergirl is © DC Comics Inc.

supergirl spanks supergirl by eric nelson

Colored version by powerbook125. Supergirl is © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/15/2011.

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