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Superhero Spanking Scene by Tim

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An artist named Tim did this generic superhero spanking - the characters are of his own devising. We don't know anything about him, but we'd guess he's just starting his career as a spanking artist which we hope will last for some years. Thanks to Tim and to Michael for sending this in.

The spankee seems to be unhappy since she's shaking her fist, which would suggest that she's some kind of super-villainess, although she's dressed ordinarily enough. The OTK positioning yields a good target for the chastisement, but her hips are too far back (to our left) and not securely placed over the spanker's lap. For his part, the spanker wears an expression of determination on his lantern-jawed face as he administers some justice in a universe that doesn't have enough.

Two other female characters are shown. We can't tell whether they're superheroines or perhaps just bad girls who have already felt the hand of justice as the posture of the first and the effect lines near the second's backside would suggest.

superhero spanking parody by tim

Art by Tim. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/20/2012.

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