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Wally West Spanks Artemis

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For the conclusion of the current (2016) Teen Titans Series we have chosen this selection by long-time spanking artist El Manto Negro, most recently seen in this gallery with Wonder Woman spanks Power Girl. The reasons for EMN's popularity are as evident here as they always are: inspired composition, good positioning, very clean lines, vivid coloring, and a good long line delineating the spankee's buttocks so they aren't too "short" (a common failing in nature as well as art).

wally west, once of the teen titans spanks artemis from the young justice cartoon art by el manto negro

Artemis gets spanked with her own arrow by her Young Justice teammate Kid Flash. Art by El Manto Negro. Characters are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/12/2016.

O.K., so who are these characters? El Manto Negro took them from the television cartoon series Young Justice, about the teen-age sidekicks of some of the members of the Justice League, originally Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Speedy, the sidekicks of Batman, Aquaman, Flash, and Green Arrow respectively. (Why "Speedy" was the name of Green Arrow's sidekick rather than Flash's in the comics was never explained. And note that these four, along with Wonder Girl, comprised the first team of Teen Titans, which ties them in with our Teen Titans Series here.) Interestingly, the first thing Speedy does is quit Green Arrow and take the new name "Red Arrow" (just like the famed highway along Lake Michigan of the same name, one we're personally familiar with, although presumably today's comics creators are too young and probably too geographically-challenged to recognize the reference). At that point he departed the picture for a while, helping out the team and formally joining it later. This is where things start to get confusing (so please don't tell us you're already confused!).

All CSR readers have heard us wail incessantly about the preposterous complexity of the DC Universe (wasn't Crisis on Infinite Earths thirty years ago supposed to simplify everything, guys?). And so we'll spare you as much as we can. Wally West, the original Kid Flash, was chosen over Bart Allen as the Kid Flash of the show, and he's our spanker here, shown out of costume. Since Speedy (remember him?) had not yet formally joined the new team, they needed an archer (because what's a super-hero team without someone shooting ridiculous trick arrows all over the place?) and signed up Artemis, our spankee. Artemis was introduced as Green Arrow's "niece", which was obvious horse-hockey that should have fooled no one. A good guess would have been that she was his illegitimate daughter, but it turns out she was the entirely legitimate offspring of The Sportsmaster and The Huntress (a/k/a The Tigress), two married super-villains from Earth-2 (back in the pre-Crisis days when there still was an Earth-2). We think she went on to become the third Huntress (or is that "Tigress"? - even we're not sure) - in the comics, but not on Young Justice. See below for some identifying pictures.

the huntress and her husband, the sportsmaster

The Huntress and her husband, The Sportsmaster, parents of our spankee, Artemis.

man driven out of his gourd

An unidentified CSR reader, after unwisely deciding to read Web-Ed's explanation above.

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