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Raven Spanks Terra

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raven of the teen titans spanks terra art by nelson 1977

Teen Titan Raven spanks former Titan (sort of) Terra. Art by Nelson1977. Characters are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/05/2016 (click to double-size).

Raven probably couldn't have taken yet another spanking just now, so she decided to spank Terra instead. (You all remember the second Terra, whose only appearances in CSR prior to this have been spanking and getting spanked by Power Girl, don't you?). Actually, this one is the first Terra who was once a member of the New Teen Titans before turning against them and eventually getting killed off. She certainly deserved a spanking back then, so we suppose this scene is set in the past when Raven decided to give it to her in an untold tale of the New Teen Titans!

Our artist is Nelson1977, whom we saw very recently in Cyborg Spanks Raven (one of the reasons Raven's poor bottom couldn't have taken any more spanking). He has a good, simple style and draws round bottoms with twin spots of pink. Here the expressions are good with Raven appearing quietly resolute and Terra more or less stoically accepting her fate.

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