Fred Paddles Wilma Barney Paddles Betty

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Those who grew up with The Flintstones may remember what complete bitches Wilma and Betty were. Just once, to our great joy and satisfaction, they got what they deserved when they disguised themselves as men and snuck into the boys' lodge (the loyal order of waterbuffaloes). Like some real-life fraternal organizations, the L.O.W. practiced silly hazing rituals, as Wilma and Betty found out the hard way when they were forced to run the gauntlet of paddle-wielding water buffaloes. A tip of the hat to whoever extracted these still images from the cartoon.

Not nearly as funny as the hazing in The Simpsons when Homer joins the Stone Cutters, this was still far more satisfying to us boys who had to endure episode after episode of Wilma and Betty walking all over Fred and Barney. You'd have thought cave men would have been more manly.

07/15/2011 Update: We added the paddling scene to the Video Section, and while we were editing it we extracted some more stills. Below we see Fred and Barney about to paddle both their own wives and each other's. Knees should be kept straight as Wilma and Betty bend over to receive their swats, but a great scene nonetheless, and you'll notice they do at least have their heads up and backs arched.

Barney Paddles Betty Barney Paddles Wilma

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Fred Paddles Betty Fred Paddles Wilma

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