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Hippolyta Spanks Wonder Woman #2

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Although this was posted on Deviant Art, there was no attribution given and consequently we have no idea who the artist is or where it might have been posted originally. Queen Hippolyta is a rather natural spanker for Wonder Woman, since in the early WW comics there are several references to the spankings she received at her mother's hand, presumably some years in the past, although you never know. This is only the second such scene we have displayed on CSR (the first was removed at the artist's request, but we'll call this one #2 anyway).

This is a pretty good mini-comic, its only real shortcoming being that because it shows an uncooperative Wonder Woman being subdued, there is no OTK positioning in the third panel as her mother simply lifts her in the air by sheer strength. In the second panel we do have some OTK action, although it's also somewhat compromised by WW's struggling. But there's no denying Queen Hippolyta's force of will, or that WW will soon be reduced to tearful compliance!

superman spanks wonder woman with paddle in JLA headquarters art by robb phipps

Wonder Woman gets spanked by her mother, Queen Hippolyta. The artist is unknown. Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/11/2013.

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