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Girl Spanks Wonder Woman

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girl spanks wonder woman art by pariah exile wrath

Wonder Woman gets spanked by an unnamed girl. Commission by PariahExileWrath. Wonder Woman and Supergirl are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/18/2013.

When we first saw this one on Deviant Art, we though the girl spanking Wonder Woman might be Naha, whom WW spanked back in Wonder Woman #2. However, the artist, PariahExileWrath, did not know the girl's identity, which means it couldn't be Naha since this was done on commission. The variant OTK positioning with the spanker mostly standing is used, an inherently awkward position the artist handles fairly well. This is his only spanking work, and we don't know why the commissioner apparently wanted Supergirl to witness WW's humiliation, or how an ordinary girl was able to overpower WW - perhaps by using WW's magic lasso.

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