wonder woman spanking animation by doc cylon

Original drawing by Julius Zimmerman. Wonder Woman is © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed 03/12/2010

This is a rather old item we first encountered several years ago, and while we were experimenting with it (as a basis for our first video game), we hadn't thought of using it as part of this series until we realized we had miscounted our stock of Wonder Woman items and were going to end up one short of our planned sixteen-item series. We dusted it off, and problem solved - in fact, seeing it again really brightened up our day!

This animation began life as a Julius Zimmerman non-spanking bondage cartoon. Who took on the task of modifying it is uncertain, but we're going to hazard a guess that the animation (a simple yet satisfying one consisting of only three frames) is an early effort of Doctor Cylon's. It doesn't have his logo on it and hasn't been colored, nor was it among the animations he has sent to us, and yet we think it's probably his because no one has proven more adept over the years than he at applying an animated paddle to the various women Zimmerman has so obligingly drawn in the bent-over position. We find this one very satisfying because Wonder Woman is in good position to receive the swats (on her toes, knees straight, head up, back arched), and the paddle is applied squarely on target.

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