wonder woman spanking animation by doc cylon

Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed 03/05/2010

Similar to an earlier entry, we have once again a nice drawing of Wonder Woman, this time by Nancy, which was then animated by Doctor Cylon to add the all-important spanking element. One unique thing about this animation is the extreme speed with which events take place: in only three seconds, WW is stripped of her uniform, one or more whacks are applied, and her bottom begins to glow red! This has to be the fastest spanking on record. It occurs so rapidly that we have to ask if perhaps the spanker could be none other than the fastest man alive, The Flash.

Now, the Flash never did any spanking in his own mag and isn't the first guy to come to mind when superhero spanking is discussed (although Dave Wolfe did a cartoon of him spanking Batgirl as we mentioned here). He was certainly more laid-back than, say, Batman. Still, he seemed pretty conservative back in the 1960's and could well have believed in old-fashioned OTK discipline. Without a doubt he had the speed to be an effective spanker if he wanted to be. Let us return to the Silver Age of comics and consider the possibilities...

altered cover of the flash #156

The cover of The Flash #156 (Nov. 1965), slightly altered by the Web-Ed.

barry allen headshot from the cover of the flash #156

Art by Carmine Infantino.

Police scientist Barry Allen was the Flash's secret identity. WASP-ish, crew-cut, bow-tie, hip as Ward Cleaver and dull as paint - no wonder we admired him so!

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