wonder woman spanked OTK by hawkgirl

Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed 02/26/2010

Darkzone has posted some drawings of Wonder Woman spanking Hawkgirl on the CSR Bulletin Board, so it's only fair that Hawkgirl should be given a chance to turn the tables. And turn them she does in this very cute and satisfying drawing by an artist we know only as Last Transistor Hero, who did this as a commission in the style of Warner's animation department. Wonder Woman is nicely positioned over Hawkgirl's knee, head up, back arched, and bottom upturned to meet the paddle. Speaking of the paddle, its overall design is interesting. The round shape is less than ideal, but the round handle design gives Hawkgirl a comfortable grip, while the holes ensure that comfort is not what Wonder Woman will be feeling! But that's for her own good, of course.

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