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Wonder Woman Spanks Supergirl

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The CSR swat exchange program (open to any pair of superheroines or villainesses) continues now with Supergirl and Wonder Woman. Our artist for this one is Archangemon, who has quite a varied repertoire ranging from simple childlike drawings through Manga (most of his work) to modern illustrations. Along the way he's done quite a bit of girl/girl fighting stuff, and Wonder Woman spanking Supergirl would seem to fall into that category. He's done other F/F work, but no M/F spanking which of course is what we'd most like to see.

This one's really as much fighting as it is spanking, and having tangled up Supergirl in her magic lasso, Wonder Woman definitely has the upper hand - which she uses to spank hard! Honestly, as much as we love to see Supergirl spanked, and as many WW/SG spankings as have been drawn, we have to think that in any match-up between the two, Supergirl would end up overpowering Wondy and warming the seat of her star-spangled panties. As a matter of fact, that's what happens next time ...

wonder woman spanks supergirl

Art by Archangemon. Supergirl and Wonder Woman are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/31/2012.

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