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X-Men Jean Spanks Storm

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To conclude our series of X-Men spankings by Congolike, we have a sequence of three panels plus an animation in which Storm once again gets her seat warmed, this time by Jean. In panel #1, the bottom has been bared and the hand is raised and ready to get to work.

x-men jean spanks storm

Hand and hairbrush at the ready. Art by Congolike. Characters © Marvel Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/09/2011.

(2) Jean has a smile on her face as she brings her hand down - HARD! "Ouch!" cries Storm.

x-men jean spanks storm

Let the spanking begin! Art by Congolike. Characters © Marvel Comics Inc.

(3) The spanking is having its effect on Storm as her bottom blushes pink and her cries fill the air. Even worse from her poing of view, Jean (who has telekinetic powers) has a hairbrush (monogrammed with an "X") ready to come down if her hand gets sore.

We note again the good OTK positioning, shapely bottom, and extremely vivid colors that are hallmarks of Congolike's work. A very satisfying superheroine spanking!

x-men jean spanks storm

Fanny on fire! Art by Congolike. Characters © Marvel Comics Inc.

Congolike also did this animated version. We like watching Storm's bottom turn redder and redder!

x-men jean spanks storm

Animated version by Congolike. Characters © Marvel Comics Inc.

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