kurt spanks kitty

Characters © Marvel Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/24/2009

For the last entry in our first series of X-spankings, we see Nightcrawler (Kurt) spanking Shadowcat (Kitty) for other than disciplinary purposes. (Since Kitty was the youngest X-Man, to avoid any possible misunderstanding let's make it clear that at the time this takes place, they are both adults). This is a fun spanking, which is what we would expect from Kevin Karstens (artwork) and Bawdy Bard (concept) - we'll have more to say about this team another time. The "anti-phasing" handcuffs from Stark Enterprises (which is to Marvel Comics as ACME was to Wile E. Coyote in the old Roadrunner cartoons) are a nice touch, aiding in the overall concept of Kitty finally getting the bondage and spanking she longs for - she can't escape from them as she could any ordinary bonds, and she loves it! Good OTK positioning, too.

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