storm spanked with steel paddle

© Marvel Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/24/2009

We continue our first "X-Spanking" series with two animations from Dr. Cylon featuring Storm. Once again, the steel paddle is trotted out, and this time applied to Storm's bare bottom - ouch!

storm spanked with wood paddle

Here's a second version of the animation, in which a shorter, wood paddle is used alternately from each side. Don't try this yourself unless you're ambidextrous (we are, as a matter of fact, when it comes to spanking). Now for a word or two about Storm. She was one of the new team of X-Men in 1975 as we explained here. In most of the Storm-involved spankings we've seen, she takes the Top role (see, e.g., this lovely Storm spanks Wonder Woman by Andy Price). We're not sure why that is - most artists must envision her as the strict no-nonsense type, which we admit is fair given her portrayal in the comics in a leadership role. Still, it would be a great pity not to see her on the receiving end from time to time, as Doctor Cylon realized. We also recall seeing at least one other Storm-as-sub drawing over at Palcomix.

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