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X-Men Wolverine Spanks Storm (2)

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x-men wolverine spanks storm zani

Art by Zani-alone. Characters © Marvel Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/09/2011.

We mentioned last time that Wolverine is quite naturally cast in the role of spanker, and once again Storm serves as spankee, this time as drawn by Zani-alone. We didn't mention before, but will now, that the reason we like to see Storm taken OTK is that she's the bossy type, well-deserving of a good humbling!

Zani doesn't seem to be personally into superheroes, and she did this one as a commission. The characters are wearing more modern outfits than in Raf Marinetti's version where they wore their 70's/80's uniforms. A hairbrush is being used, and apparently with great effect judging by Storm's expression - this looks like a real punishment spanking! Good OTK positioning, also.

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