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Abbie an' Slats #2

spanking from abbie and slats - slats spanks someone

© King Features Syndicate. Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/14/2010.

Here is the second spanking we know about from Abbie and Slats. This time, we don't have the strips leading up to the big event, so we don't know what motivated the spanking. We may infer that the spankee has caused Slats's buddy some kind of grief, so Slats decides to help him out by spanking her. "Anything for a pal" - that's our motto, too.

slats spanks someone

A couple of good things about this spanking are that it seems to have gone on for some time (until the spankee cries "Uncle!"), and it was clearly felt, with the classic stars being drawn radiating from the affected area and the spankee rubbing her sore bottom. "It was a pleasure" says Slats. That we may well believe!

Slats and has buddy appear to be wearing Army uniforms, which is one clue to the date of the strip. The internal markings point to 06/30/1944 as the likely date, when most young men would have been in uniform.

03/17/2017 Update: Thanks to the tireless efforts of Sweetspot, we can now confirm this spanking scene did indeed take place in the 06/30/1944 daily strip. We can also identify the spankee as one "Jackie," whose machinations richly merit her punishment, and best of all, we have some better scans to share.

We still don't know, and don't really need to know, the details of what Jackie has been up to. It sounds like she led a number of guys on and hatched some scheme involving Slats, which is enough for Pete to exclaim, "If it wasn't for the way I am [he's lost a leg in the war], I'd paddle you, Jackie - where you need it!"

Slats knows where that is, and proceeds to demonstrate:

abbie and slats june 29, 1944 lead up to the spanking

Scan by Sweetspot. © King Features Syndicate (click to increase in size).

abbie and slats june 30, 1944 slats spanks jackie

Scan by Sweetspot. © King Features Syndicate. Posted by the Web-Ed on 03/17/2017 (click to increase in size).

A note on the dialogue: Sweetspot has mentioned that in the early days of comics, the spankee would typically have a word balloon that read "Baw!" as Jackie does here. (Other examples would be the Susie Q. Smith spankings we posted recently or the numerous "little girl" spankings of Nancy, etc. that you can find on other sites). "Baw!" was used so frequently in spanking situations that it seems every writer in comics picked it up, but its origin remains obscure. It doesn't sound like a sound any spankee would actually make; that is, it is not onomatopoeic (to use the technical term).

We will suggest that whoever coined the term had in mind suggesting the verb "bawl," which perhaps was in more common use back then. We don't think he succeeded, but then the standard of early comics writing was exceedingly low.

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