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Having recently revisited Susie Q. being taken over her father's knee, let us now see two other strips in which she received off-panel paternal spankings plus a couple of others that should be described as "Missed Opportunities". Usually we present such scenes over on the forum, but because three of them are cut from the same humorous cloth as the actual spanking, we might as well present them here. As we'll see, the joke revolves around Susie thinking she's too old to be spanked, only to find out otherwise - the hard way.

All the scans here are due to Sweetspot, to whom we are greatly indebted. We'll have more to see from him and more to say about his searches in the near future.

In the first example, Susie comes home late after being warned of the consequences:

susie q. smith comes home late from a date and gets spanked by her father

April 16, 1954. Scan by Sweetspot, who identifies the boyfriend as either Caz or Hungry Harris (click to increase in size).

She laughs at the idea that her father would follow through on his threat to spank her, but not for long. The expression on her boyfriend's face as he hears her being spanked through the open window is priceless. Sweetspot made some additional comments on the forum:

"This must have been one heck of a spanking. Stars, radiating pain lines and even tears can be seen flying out of a downstairs window. She didn't get far before she was across her dad's lap. Most prominent is the word BAW!!!; the word is part of universal comic language... all of the Walter's readers would know what BAW means. It means, someone is crying and in this case crying hard. BAW is a descriptive word used in many a spanking scene going back into the 1920s."

Next, Susie and her girlfriend are talking on the phone, as teen-age girls are wont to do. Her friend thinks Susie was right to tell her father that she was too old to be spanked, but Susie is having second thoughts as this is one phone call she's taking standing up!

susie and her girlfriend think they're too old to be spanked, but susie has a sore bottom from her latest spanking

Scan by Sweetspot, who identifies Suzie's girlfriend as "Legs" O'Hare. Original date August 21, 1953. Click to increase in size.

In the third strip, Susie's father makes an overt spanking threat: "I can still take you over my knee, young lady!" (Words that most women into spanking would just love to hear!) The joke here is that Susie is protesting to her mother about being treated like a child even as she acts like one by sliding down the bannister:

susie says she's too old to be spanked but she slides down the bannister like a child

Scan by Sweetspot. Original date December 18, 1957. Click to increase in size.

In the last strip, no spanking reference was intended, but the lifeguard who rescues Susie bends her over a barrel and begins pounding her on the lower back (it should have been the upper back if anywhere), which is close enough to the derriere to give one ideas (if one is into spanking!). To make it better, one of Susie's friends exclaims "Susie has all the luck!" Indeed, getting spanked by a handsome lifeguard would be a natural fantasy for girls of this age.

lifeguard bends susie over a barrel and whacks her on the back, but it looks like it could have been her behind

Scan by Sweetspot. Original date July 13, 1956. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/20/2017 (click to increase in size).

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