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The Brave and the Bold and the Spoiled and the Spanked

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A spoiled society playgirl, endangering innocent lives with her shenanigans, gets herself spanked by no less an authority figure than the Batman himself. No whining from any readers about "sexism" this time -- you just don't argue with the caped crusader. Also this comic was fourteen years earlier than the Thing/Moondragon episode, when political correctness had thankfully not yet taken root. (The kiss in the first panel actually occurs some time after the spanking - natch!).
Batman spanking Playgirl

From The Brave and the Bold #64 (1966). Author's collection. © DC Comics Inc. Story by Bob Haney and art by Win Mortimer.

Jan-Feb. 2010 Updates: JimC let us know it was Funbun and UASketcher who together did this animated version of the page above. We discovered that Funbun often alters spanking artwork to bare the bottom (something we have to regard, in some sense, as an improvement), while UASketcher (as we already knew) specializes in animations, frequently using Funbun's bare-bottom alterations as a starting point. We'll see more from these two in the future, and we certainly like what they did here. As Batman commented on the next page (not shown), "Marcia won't forget this lesson so soon!"
Batman spanking Playgirl

When we first created this page way back when, we didn't have a decent scanner, so we used a very simple digital camera instead. Deciding it was time to revamp the picture, we were going to use a modern scanner on the original Brave and the Bold comic when we remembered that DC had reprinted it ten years later in Super-Team Family, and we also had that issue in our collection, so in the interest of completeness we decided to scan that one instead. Notice that the book was recolored, so Marcia's dress is white instead of green and the photographer's suit is olive-green instead of orange-brown. Why was it recolored? After ten years, the colored reproductions of the original art would not have been in DC's files, and the new colorist would not have known what the original colors were unless he turned to DC's archived copy of the printed book. In our view, Marcia looks at least as good getting spanked in white as she did in green.

Batman spanking Playgirl from reprint

From Super-Team Family #5 (July 1976). Author's collection. © DC Comics Inc.

Finally, we recently chanced upon an uncolored version, so we're including that as well. The source is unidentified, but it may be a scan of the original art. It's really fun looking at all these, isn't it? This is the best spanking Batman ever gave in an actual comic book. Catwoman was spanked once (by Alfred, the butler!) but it occurred off-screen, dagnabbit!

Batman spanking Playgirl from unknown source

© DC Comics Inc.

One more, found at J. R. Williams altered and recolored the original, adding the Stan Lee-style "SPANK!" sound effect. Nice work, accentuating the characteristics that have made one of the more popular comic book spanking panels. That so many artists have had a go at this one testifies to how good the raw spanking material is here. In fact, we think it's our personal favorite among superhero spankings that actually took place in a comic book.

More updates Jan. 2011: we realized we'd never posted this picture-within-a-panel, where Bruce sees the photograph of himself spanking Marcia, so here it is:

Batman spanking Playgirl enhanced by J. R. Williams

J. R. Williams' version.

photo of Batman spanking Marcia

Bruce admires his handiwork: "Marcia won't foget this lesson so soon!" From The Brave and the Bold #64 (March 1966). © DC Comics Inc.

Then, we realized we never did post a better-quality scan of the original, so here it is in all its glory:

original version of Batman spanking Marcia in brave and the bold #64

The original, the one that started it all: from The Brave and the Bold #64 (author's collection). © DC Comics Inc.

Next, an unknown artist took the uncolored art and re-interpreted it as the spanking of Barbara Gordon (possibly suggested by the fact that she has red hair like Marcia's!). He added a boot and a Batgirl-style "shark fin" glove, and subtracted all her other clothes! With her bottom now bared, he also arched the back a little more, giving Batman a superb target. An added caption and, er, slightly altered dialogue suggests a meaning that would not have made it past the Comics Code Authority in 1966. We think this version is far sexier than the original.

altered so Batman is spanking Barbara Gordon Batgirl

That's some imagination our unknown artist has - fine, sexy work! Batman is © DC Comics Inc.

Finally, we couldn't resist trying to color that last version ourselves because we find color far more erotic than black & white. We have no artistic training or skill, and it shows - ideally, the colorist should be an artist. But we did have some fun, and we also did two alternate versions, one with blushing cheeks and one with the famous Bat-symbol stamped in a strategic location.

coloring by web-ed

Crappy coloring by the Web-Ed.

batgirl with blushing cheeks

Batgirl's blushing cheeks.

batgirl with stamped-on bat-symbol

We always thought that Batgirl secretly desired Batman's Bat-Symbol to be stamped on her anatomy in a very personal location. This is our conception of what it would look like if Batman used his Bat-Paddle (with ink-coated raised rubber Bat-Stamp) to oblige her. We must admit that our imagination is truly perverse - and we love it!

[End of Jan. 2011 Updates.]

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