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spanking from big ben bolt

© King Features Syndicate. Script by Elliot Caplin and art (we believe) by John Cullen Murphy. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/18/2010.

Popular interest in boxing probably isn't what it was, and personally, we're inclined to think that's a good thing - it's just as well if our society isn't too enthusiastic about sporting contests in which men batter each other, sometimes to death. As the great Rod Serling put it in his television play Requiem for a Heavyweight, "They'd have these things [boxing matches] in the sewer if they could." Still, with boxing's decline we lost two very good comic strips, Joe Palooka and Big Ben Bolt.

We don't know of any spankings in Joe Palooka, but here's one from Big Ben Bolt (date unknown). We'd guess that by this time in the strip's run (1950 - 1978), Ben had left the ring and become a journalist. It's two women wearing the gloves here, and the father of one of them has apparently decided that after twenty years, it's about time for some paternal discipline. Who are we to disagree?

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