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Big Ben Bolt #2 - Ben Spanks Miss Haddon

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We discussed Big Ben Bolt in the first spanking from the strip, so we won't repeat its history here. This spanking is different in that it's from the Sunday strip and carried out by Ben himself. The spankee seems to be the standard spoiled heiress type, ripe for the comeuppance delivered by Ben in the back seat of her limousine.

"Act like a spoiled, bad-tempered brat, and that's the way you'll be treated!"

spanking #2 from big ben bolt

Spanked in the back of her own limousine! Script by Elliot Caplin, art by John Cullen Murphy. © King Features Syndicate.

Here is the entire strip. Miss Haddon, having apparently mistreated the doorman, now slaps her chauffeur for no good reason. Ben has seen enough and delivers a much-needed spanking, much to the abused chauffeur's delight (and ours). This is a good scene with a nice build-up, although because it takes place in cramped quarters we don't have a wide-angle view of the spanking action. "That hurts!" admits Miss Haddon, which is how it should be!

Like the recent Steve Canyon #4, this scan of an actual newspaper clipping was sent to us by Tiptopper from his extensive personal collection. The exact date of publication is not known, but is believed to be sometime during the 1960's. Only the day is known with reasonable certainty, appearing to be the 13th (Sunday).

big ben bolt spanks miss haddon

From the collection of Tiptopper. © King Features Syndicate. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/30/2011 (click to increase in size).

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