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black canary spanks rumpelstiltskin in all-star comics

From All-Star Comics #39, story by John Broome, art by Irwin Hasen. © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/14/2012.

We've remarked in the past on the unfortunate tendency in Golden Age comics to indulge in the pastime of midget-spanking. It seems this practice was intended as a humorous insult to pint-sized villains, and no one thought to ask whether it was right to "discriminate" against the vertically-challenged in this manner. The "discriminatory" part bothers us far less than the fact that the scenes were usually M/M and therefore unforgivably ugly. One exception to the M/M "norm" is this example which we found last year on Tamas Jakab. It is a reprint of "Invasion from Fairyland" from All-Star Comics #39 (February-March 1948).

This is a rather long story so we'll spare you a complete synopsis. After Rumpelstiltskin overpowered Flash and Atom with his magic cigar, The Justice Society of America plus guest-star Black Canary are finally able to defeat him by taking his cigar away (you can see this in the panel). The story is by John Broome, one of DC's best writers, and the art is by Irwin Hasen, widely known for the later comic strip Dondi. This is the only known spanking scene involving Black Canary, and although it goes without saying we wish she had been on the receiving end, we'll say it anyway.

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