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Dagwood Spanks Cookie

dagwood spanking cookie from blondie comic strip

© King Features Syndicate. Enhanced by Spiritworks Studio. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/25/2010.

You'd have trouble finding a longer-running, more popular strip than Blondie. It's going to celebrate its 80th anniversary later this year and enjoys almost universal recognition. The question we now need to ask is, were there any spankings during its run? We know of two, both of Cookie Bumstead, the first time as a little girl spanked by Blondie (not found in this gallery although it is available), the second as a teen-ager (we're going to assume she's at least 18) spanked by Dagwood, which we'll take a look at now.

Once again The Spirit has enhanced the original, which dates from August 30, 1958. What led up to the spanking itself isn't clear, but presumably Dagwood felt that some paternal discipline was overdue.

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