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Li'l Abner Spanks Daisy Mae

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li'l abner spanks daisy mae

Originally published in 1944, probably during late summer or early fall. From Web-Ed's personal collection. © Capp Enterprises, Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 04/22/2011.

This is not the first time this spanking panel from Li'l Abner has appeared in these pages: the first time was in the Humor Gallery where we used it to explain a Dan DeCarlo hill spanking cartoon (the "I know I deserve a spanking, paw" one). In retrospect, we should have used a non-spanking panel to explain who the characters were, since the way we did it there wasn't any thumbnail of the actual Li'l Abner spanking in any of the galleries for anyone who might have been looking for it. We're going to remedy that now by posting the panel a second time, along with two altered versions we found within the past year.

We don't want to repeat what we wrote before, so we'll just observe that this is a well-drawn panel even though the OTK positioning is only fair. Al Capp was a gifted artist and satirist, but he didn't know much about spanking.

altered version with daisy mae's bottom bared

Characters © Capp Enterprises, Inc.

Someone altered the panel by baring Daisy Mae's bottom and changine her expression. We don't know who it was, but it may have been Funbun.

li'l abner spanks daisy mae

Characters © Capp Enterprises, Inc.

Another hand then went further and removed Daisy Mae's dress completely. Again, we don't know who it was, except that this time we think it wasn't Funbun. Whoever it was then did a nice job of coloring.

This is the last entry in our Comic Strip Spanking Series, which has been running now for almost a year, so we'll take this opportunity to thank the following people who contributed to the making of this series, hoping we haven't left anybody out:

  • JimC, who made it possible in the first place by pointing us to the various Yahoo groups where, strange as it may seem, most of these old treasures were housed
  • JS666, who contributed information and identifications, as well as some corrections for Winnie Winkle
  • Dan Rivera, who provided a rare Smilin' Jack panel and also shared some personal remembrances
  • Harry, who identified an alternate version of a Li'l Abner panel that had not actually appeared in the strip
  • Don Markstein, whose Toonopedia provided a reference that filled in some missing details for us.
Although this series is over, that doesn't mean we won't be presenting more strip spankings, it's just that we don't have any more in the files right now. The search is ongoing and any new finds most certainly will be presented in this gallery!

altered version with coloring by doctor cylon

Characters © Capp Enterprises, Inc.

01/05/2018 Update: Doctor Cylon recolored the first bare-bottomed version from above and added the caption. Daisy Mae looks sorry indeed!

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