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Brenda Starr Spanking #1

spanking from brenda starr strip

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From the long-running Brenda Starr comic strip comes this excellent spanking. We don't know who all the characters are, except that the man, Tom, appears to be one of the many boyfriends Brenda had over the years. The spankee, named Daphne, is both catty and bratty, well-deserving of an OTK comeuppance. She nosily tries to read a gift card (or telegram) addressed to Brenda, then actually opens the gift box itself, saying "I often wondered how you dressed so well on your income." Like we said, catty!

If that weren't bad enough, she tries to cause trouble between Tom and Brenda: "I'm glad something has finally opened your eyes, Tom, as to what kind of girl Brenda really is." At this point, Tom comes to Brenda's defense and turns Daphne over his knee for a well-deserved spanking! We'd rather see M/F than F/F any day, but we must admit Brenda would have been justified in giving Daphne a few whacks herself.

Here is the complete page, from March 14, 1943. It's interesting to note that Brenda Starr was created by a woman, Dale Messick, who drew it for about forty years, including of course this particular installment (as reflected in the emphasis on women's fashions). From what we see here, it appears that Messick supported female brat spanking as much as male artists like Eisner did. We infer that non-feminist women generally favor brat spanking just as men do (the occasional spankings that take place on soap-operas are another indication this is true). Also worth noting is the way Messick has Tom laying on the spanks with considerable vigor (Wham - Yeeow!). This is a fine strip spanking indeed!

spanking from brenda starr strip

© Chicago Tribune Syndicate.

Anyone who doubts from this example alone that Messick believed bad girls deserved to be spanked should be convinced by the second spanking from the strip, which we present next.

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