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Captain Easy #2

This is the second of two (possibly more) spankings we have from Captain Easy. The year is unknown, but the entire Sunday episode is here, and a good one it is! It's hard to read the dialogue balloons, but we can make out enough to paraphrase. Easy says to the girl about to get spanked, "Shame on you! You've captured us, stolen our clothes, dropped rocks on our heads, and tied us to trees!" (What a bad girl she is!) But Easy is still going to restrain himself, until she butts him in the stomach. That does it - over the knee she goes!

spanking from captain easy

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Now it appears that this Wolf-Girl has been running wild for some time (compare to the Wolf-Girl from Li'l Abner, who in 1946 also got spanked, but alas off-screen), and when Easy spanks her, it stirs distant memories of her father spanking her when she was a little girl. All of a sudden, the wild girl becomes tamed and obedient, and one of Easy's companions comments, "And I thought Easy didn't know nothin' about women!"

This is a great spanking on several levels - like the previous example, it has good OTK positioning - but the best part is the emotional dynamic between the strong, masculine hero and the wild young woman who needs to be tamed for her own good.

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