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Captain Easy #1

spanking from captain easy

© Newspaper Enterprise Association. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/23/2010.

Here's the first of two spankings from Captain Easy. We have almost no information on this one; we found it on Yahoo with the second part bearing the name "captaineasy1980" but can't confirm it came from 1980. The camerman's hairstyle and compact, hand-held camera are definitely from the modern era, however - this scene certainly did not come from the strip's early days (it ran from 1929 - 1988).

As to the story, it seems to be a classic case of a wealthy, spoiled brat getting her deserved comeuppance at the hands of a strong man. Our spanker says something like, "-- or wherever rich and spoiled-rotten brats like you go instead of kindergarten!" Then he turns her over his knee, in full view of spectators and (maybe) a television camera - think of her embarrassment!

spanking from captain easy

© Newspaper Enterprise Association.

"Believe me, Miss Ritzingham, this hurts me more than you." Ah yes, the old lie - if true, he's not doing the spanking correctly! This is a pretty good spanking in all respects - emotion, OTK positioning, and good hard smacks.

Because we're unsure of the year, we can't determine the artist either - it may be Les Turner or Bill Crooks. (Roy Crane had left the strip by 1943 so he could do Buz Sawyer). We'll have more to say about the strip next time.

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