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Kerry Drake #2

Almost two years ago we posted a spanking from Kerry Drake in Comics Gallery 1. At the time, our friend JimC gave us some background information and mentioned that there was at least one other spanking from the strip, this one involving Kerry's brother Lefty Drake and a spankee named Bootsie Belmont. Ironically, Jim had lost his own copy of this second spanking, which was one of his favorites (see The Seven Spankings on the bulletin board), while we'd forgotten we had a copy in our files! Then JS666 came to the rescue and posted his copy over on Chross, and finally we're going to post ours here.

And now, having introduced our players and written The History of The Hundred Years War, let's turn the narration over to Jim:

"Bootsie had been riding her horse, and Lefty had just finished a case [he's a private detective - Web-Ed] and was crossing the park on a different path [when] a dog startled her horse and bucked her. She was whipping the horse for bucking her and Lefty intervened, explaining why the horse bucked. She cursed him and slapped at him, as she was very spoiled and arrogant, and Lefty then took her under his arm, carried her to a bench, put her over his knee and spanked her."

lefty drake spanks bootsie belmont

Art by Alfred Andriola. © Publishers Syndicate. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/20/2010.

This is a fine spanking, well-motivated and well-executed. The year is unknown, but the date appears to be November 23.

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