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Posted by the Web-Ed on 03/23/2012.

Another unknown French comic now that we have little information on other than the name that was attached: "Le Loup Et Lagnelle". We did find a few pages of a black & white porno comic by that name, and perhaps they're one and the same. There have been a lot of French erotic comics over the years, so it's pretty hard to narrow it down.

Anyway, the OTK positioning is sort of half-and-half: the spanker is using half over-the-knee and half over-the-lap, with rather shaky results. If you want to do the leg-lock variation, then the spankee's hips should be over the spanker's left leg with both her legs locked by his right leg. This way, one leg is free and she's falling off his lap! We don't know why in some foreign-language comics "Pif Paf" is used as a spanking sound effect - does anyone think that a bare hand on a bare bottom makes a sound like that? Some of these writers should study the sound effects in Stan Lee's old superhero work at Marvel. Finally, dig that crazy night cap the spanker is wearing! We don't think the way to keep warm at night is to put a cap on your and then strip off all your other clothes, although giving a spanking will probably help keep your temperature up, if nothing else. Because it is solid black, it almost looks as though someone added it later, which would be truly weird.

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