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This one is from an unknown French comic we're going to call "Leister" for now after what appears to be the name of the lead character. We found it on a French domestic discipline site that doesn't appear to be active any more. It seems to take place in the late 18th or early 19th century, and revolves around some sailors or pirates. It isn't clear what the spankee does to deserve her spanking, but here it is, followed by our attempted translation:

leister french comic spanking panels

Posted by the Web-Ed on 03/16/2012.

Leister: "This is for Jeeves! That is for lead-head! This is for Lord James! This is for Wyatts!"

Spankee: "You are a dirty brute!"

Strange ghostly figure: "If he beats [her], I assure you!"

But as we know, even a fiery female can be tamed with a good spanking, and the spankee soon finds Leister more attractive for having spanked her. The two ghosts poke their heads through the wall, perhaps not understanding how this kind of attitude adjustment works.

leister french comic post-spanking panels

Spankee: Ah, Leister, you are so strong, so virile!

Leister: [something about a broom]

We can't tell what the ghosts are saying. Perhaps they wondered why the spanking had stopped (because it had done its work, we'd say). Anyway, this is a pretty good scene, with a bare-bottomed OTK spanking resulting in a well-tamed female.

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