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MAD Fold-In Clown Spanking

mad magazine fold-in spanking

Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/14/2011.

Continuing our series of Modern Comic Book Spankings we have another example taken from MAD magazine. We don't have the issue number; we searched it out after JimC remembered seeing it somewhere and apprised us of its existence. This is a very strange-looking scene, with a double-spanking by two clowns witnessed by two others and a woman in a polka-dot dress, while a football sails overhead and Alfred E. Neuman, wearing a referee's shirt, signals a touchdown!

Now as some readers will no doubt be aware, MAD used to run a feature on the inside back cover called the "fold in". Perhaps they still do; the fold-in was a regular feature for at least all the years we were reading MAD. When you folded the page in lengthwise thirds so that the middle third was covered, a new picture and new caption were revealed (see below).

Someone has done this for us here (we don't know who), and to make the idea more clear for those who aren't familiar with it, we "folded in" the drawing ourselves, leaving rather obvious lines. Two clown spankings have now become one! This isn't the way we remember the fold-in feature, but we're not complaining because none of the old ones had any spankings.

mad magazine fold-in spanking

"Folded in" by the Web-Ed.

mad magazine fold-in spanking

Folded in by someone with greater skill.

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