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Mary Marvel Whips Will O' The Wisp

spanking from Marvel Family #51

Marvel Family #51 (September 1950), Fawcett Publications. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/22/2010.

Our recent research has uncovered two more spankings given by Mary Marvel, neither of which to our knowledge has ever appeared on the web before. First, Mary takes a switch(!) to a bad man in "Mary Marvel Chases the Will O'Wisp" from Marvel Family #51 (September 1950).

Let's take a look at the events which led up to the switching. A group of travelers, including Mary Batson, gets stranded and then lost in a miserable swamp. A little man calling himself Will O' Wisp appears and tries to shake down the group, telling them it will cost them their valuables if they ever want to get out of the swamp again.

story page leading up to spanking

"The little wretch! I'll teach him some manners!" thinks Mary, who then changes into Mary Marvel, hangs Will from a tree limb, cuts a switch (off-panel), and applies it to Will's posterior. This is the only time we can think of that a superhero used a switch as the spanking implement.

spanking page with Mary Marvel and Will

spanking panel with Mary Marvel and Will

"This whipping ought to tame you down!" says Mary. (This line should have been either "tame you" or "calm you down," but never mind). The script is once again by Otto Binder, while the artist is unknown. Despite all the spankings in Binder's work, we don't think he was a spanko - spankings were common at the time these comics were published, and he was writing for an audience consisting mainly of young children who based on their own experience may well have expected bad people to get spanked. The artist was certainly no spanko either, since the positioning (hanging from a tree) is bizarre and Mary delivers the stroke with an awkward backhand.

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